Orbix wins the Belfius Smart Award

At the 16th of May Orbix won the Belfius Smart Award at their first edition. 

Serge Celis, CEO of Orbix NV: "This is a culmination of 10 years of hard work in the context of research and development. From what used to be a waste product, today we make fully-fledged building materials.

A professional jury has announced the 50 nominees for the Belfius Smart Awards. She selected them from the 185 projects submitted by governments, companies, schools and health care institutions last year.
The jury members, with representatives from the academic world, research institutions, the care and technology sector, assessed the 185 entries on criteria such as innovation and the extent to which a project makes society more sustainable and liveable. A jury was drawn up for each award - city, company & care.

"It was not a simple task. After all, all 185 projects contribute to making Belgium better in their own way. But we are convinced that with our choice we will put 50 projects in the limelight that deserve their nomination twice ", says Nathalie Crutzen, jury member and director of the Liège Smart City Institute.

Intensive search

The Belfius Smart Awards have been an intensive search for innovative projects that cleverly tackle social challenges: governments that serve the citizen better, companies that combine returns with sustainability, schools that stimulate technological progress, ...

"The 50 nominated projects prove that this is not a future music. They are already making Belgium smarter today. We sincerely hope that, like all submitted projects, they are a source of inspiration for other public and private organizations, "says Nathalie Crutzen.

6 Belfius Smart Awards

The Belfius Smart Awards count 5 categories. There is a Belfius Smart City Award for cities and municipalities with fewer than 30,000 inhabitants and one for cities and municipalities with more inhabitants. Also in the category 'company' two Belfius Smart Awards can be won: one for companies with less than 10 million euro turnover and one for larger companies. Education and care institutions form the fifth category. They have a chance to win the Belfius Smart Care Award.

Aftermovie Belfius Smart Awards