Orbix Genk Awarded Climate Award for Sustainable Innovation in Cooperation with Vandersanden

At Orbix, we are proud of the recognition by Het Belang van Limburg with the Climate Award, a prize presented to us by Flemish Minister Zuhal Demir. This award underscores our groundbreaking contribution to sustainability, thanks in part to our successful collaboration with Vandersanden.

This prestigious Climate Award, an initiative of Het Belang van Limburg in cooperation with the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action/The Shift, is annually awarded to a Limburg company that excels in sustainability. This year, we at Orbix have received this distinction for our innovative work in reusing metal slag, a byproduct of the steel industry, and for our collaboration with Vandersanden in the development of the revolutionary Pirrouet façade brick.

Revolutionary Pirrouet Façade Brick: A Result of Collaboration

One of the most remarkable outcomes of our efforts is the development of the Pirrouet brick, in collaboration with Vandersanden. This brick is not just a construction product, but also an environmental innovation. What is unique about Pirrouet is that its hardening process is achieved by adding CO2, a technique we have developed at Orbix. This method does not just make the brick CO2 neutral, it does more: it gives it a negative CO2 balance because it absorbs more CO2 than the CO2 emitted by the energy required for the brick's production. Moreover, the absorbed CO2 is not just stored, it is transformed and permanently fixed.

Orbix: A Role Model in Circular Economy

Our work at Orbix demonstrates how industrial byproducts can be transformed into valuable raw materials, contributing significantly to the circular economy. This process not only reduces the ecological footprint but also contributes to more sustainable production methods.

Commitment to Environment and Innovation

As a company established in 1994, we at Orbix have always focused on environmentally friendly production methods and innovation. Our status as a zero waste company confirms our commitment to fully reusing all materials used, underscoring our dedication to a greener future.

Looking Forward to a Green Future

With the receipt of the Climate Award 2023, we at Orbix reaffirm our ongoing mission to lead in sustainable and innovative solutions. We are determined to continue our role as a leader in technological advancement and responsible production.