Blue Stone SprimontBlue®

Blauwe hardsteen




Bluestone SprimontBlue®Bluestone SprimontBlue®

SprimontBlue® can be processed or finished in many ways for indoor and outdoor use and can be cleaved, bush hammered, finned, sawn, flamed, polished or honed at your request. EN


Facade claddings – stone block structures – cover slabs - exterior floors and pavements – border stones – sills - door and window frames – windowsills – staircases – indoor floors indoor wall coverings – skirting – countertops – bridge surfacings – riprap dumps – urban furniture - hewn stone work - sculpture applications


The exceptionally pure SprimontBlue® is a top quality, frost-free Belgian blue stone. It is extracted in one of the oldest and most beautiful blue stone quarries near Liège. This is done with respect for the environment, by quarrymen who have been passing down their métier from father to son for generations. The professionals of Sprimont can boast of age-old know-how and cutting-edge technologies.
The stone contains numerous fossil remains, which create facets that glisten in the light. Crinoids (sea lilies), corals and shells stand out clearly against the dark mass which, depending on the finishing, varies from light grey to black with a whole range of blue hues in between.

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